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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Fully Guided Options

If fully guided from the implant manufacturer is not yet in your armamentarium, here are some great options:

Sleeve-in-sleeve is also available. This is a low-cost option that is simple to integrate. The reusable sleeves inserts are only $15 each, and are available for all implants. 

Also, for many non-fully guided systems, we can simply add a raised resin collar above the implant sleeve for your drill to ‘bottom-out’. 

We can supply our individual spoons, which are guide inserts with handles that fit into the master guide tubes.

And, are you familiar with Direct Cut drills? This single-drill option has increased in popularity. BlueSkyBio has designed a drill that creates the osteotomy site for the final twist drill. Direct Cut is intended for BlueSky implants, and when combined with a SureGuide is an efficient placement tool.

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