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Friday, January 7, 2011

No Scan Appliance Technique is NOW AVAILABLE

Happy New Year. We are excited to announce the availability of our NEW No Scan Appliance technique for planning your CT based implant guides. During the last several months we have worked hard with BlueSkyBio developing this appealing service for our clients to help save time and expense. We know you will be very pleased with this simplified service.

The process is quite simple. Capture a CBCT of your patient with the arches separated with cotton rolls. Be sure to remove any metal-based removable appliances prior to scan. Upload the DICOM images to www.dentalimplantplanning.com. Send master casts of both arches, a bite registration, and study model (if available) to ROE.

We will complete a diagnostic work up on your model to idealize tooth location. The work-up will be visualized in the CT plan for ideal implant placement during planning. We will contact you to plan the case on line within 3 days of receiving the DICOM and models.

Flapless or flapped surgery
Immediate extraction and implant placement
All implant systems (ie Zimmer, Straumann, 3i, Astra etc)
Surgical Guide Kits: Zimmer Surgical Kit, BlueSkyPlan Kit, Straumann Surgical Kit, 3i Navigator

Edentulous patients – patients must be scanned with a radiographic guide.
Patients with excessive metal based crown and bridge (metal produces scatter in the DICOM)

The no-scan appliance technique is a breakthrough that offers many benefits to your practice. Surgical guides offer a high degree of accuracy, acceptance may increase due to the lower cost, turn-around is much quicker,  and significantly less coordination between the restorative dentist, surgeon, laboratory and patient.