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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

New Scan Procedure for Immediate Extraction & Placment Guides

1. Separate the primary scan appliance from any removable section (s) attached to the appliance. The separate sections will represent the areas involving the immediate extraction of teeth at the time of implant placement.
2. Seat the primary scan appliance containing the gutta percha fiducials in the patient’s mouth, without the separate sections. Seat the radio translucent bite registration material provided with the case over the appliance and guide the patient into the bite material. In absence of the bite material two cotton rolls can be used.
3. Request that the patient stay motionless, and follow the manufactures instructions to capture the CBCT images.
4. Remove the appliance from the patient’s mouth and attach the removable scan appliance section(s) back to the primary scan appliance. Glue the sections in place with a small amount of adhesive glue (included).

5. After the glue sections have completely dried place the appliance back in the CBCT scanner. The appliance should not be placed directly on the chin rest it should be separated from the chin rest with a Styrofoam or foam block, such as the padding inside a ROE shipping box, figure 3. The appliance should be oriented within the table is the same position as the first scan.
6. Save the data from the two scans into two different folders, Patient & Template, save datasets into one folder labeled with the patients name and upload to www.dentalimplantplanning.com, figure 4. Follow the instructions provided when the “Upload” button is pressed on the left side of the website.

Friday, September 17, 2010

New BlueSkyPlan Computer Guided Surgical Kit

Introducing BlueSkyPlan's CT Surgical Kit. Similar to NobelGuide, Straumann Surgical Kit etc., BlueSkyPlan's kit is the optimal method of placing implants. This kit controls angulation using the single guide technique and offers depth control. The kit includes a set of drill guide spoons, drills, tissue punches, anchor drills and more. ROE plans cases for doctors and provides a surgical report for surgery instruction. To purchase the guide follow this link .

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Using a surgical guide to locate and uncover implants AND as a custom tray

The surgical guide used to place the implants is not a throw-away. When the implants are incovered in a few months, place the surgical guide in the mouth, use a marker, place a dot on the implant site and uncover. When the implants are ready for the final impression, use this same guide to transfer the case to the laboratory - an excellent custom tray. The images are compliments of Dr. Ali Kanawait, Prosthodontist in Cleveland OH.

BlueSky Plan Now Offers Two New Surical Guide Techniques!

BlueSky Plan (blueskybio.com), which offers free treatment planning software now have expanded its capabilities and can now offer both bone based surgical guides and tooth born surgical guides without the need for a scan appliance. Create a surgical guide without the need for a scan appliance can save time and expense, making the best value in dental surgical guides even better! Contact ROE Dental Lab for additional details.
Case in BlueSky Plan software
Surgical guide without a scan appliance in a STl editor
Case with printed guides for upper and lower, guides fit exceptional on stone cast!