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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

New Scan Procedure for Immediate Extraction & Placment Guides

1. Separate the primary scan appliance from any removable section (s) attached to the appliance. The separate sections will represent the areas involving the immediate extraction of teeth at the time of implant placement.
2. Seat the primary scan appliance containing the gutta percha fiducials in the patient’s mouth, without the separate sections. Seat the radio translucent bite registration material provided with the case over the appliance and guide the patient into the bite material. In absence of the bite material two cotton rolls can be used.
3. Request that the patient stay motionless, and follow the manufactures instructions to capture the CBCT images.
4. Remove the appliance from the patient’s mouth and attach the removable scan appliance section(s) back to the primary scan appliance. Glue the sections in place with a small amount of adhesive glue (included).

5. After the glue sections have completely dried place the appliance back in the CBCT scanner. The appliance should not be placed directly on the chin rest it should be separated from the chin rest with a Styrofoam or foam block, such as the padding inside a ROE shipping box, figure 3. The appliance should be oriented within the table is the same position as the first scan.
6. Save the data from the two scans into two different folders, Patient & Template, save datasets into one folder labeled with the patients name and upload to www.dentalimplantplanning.com, figure 4. Follow the instructions provided when the “Upload” button is pressed on the left side of the website.

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