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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

DAMAS - An FDA-Type Compliance Certifi cation

Since 2007, in the interest of our valued customers, their patients, and our organization, ROE has devoted thousands bof man-hours and a large financial commitment to become accredited by DAMAS. We are pleased to report that ROE recently joined the approximately .4% of dental laboratories in the United States to become DAMAS-certified!

You might ask, what is DAMAS and what does it mean for you, our customer? DAMAS stands for Dental Appliance Manufacturers Audit Scheme (DAMAS). It is an internationally recognized standard for quality that validates the materials and processes utilized to produce prosthetic devices. These standards closely mirror a strict protocol that follows the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s Quality System/Good Manufacturing Practice (QS/GMP) specifications, which are required of all dental laboratories conducting business in the United States. DAMAS provides a clear-cut method for documenting every facet of laboratory operations, including dental prescriptions/work authorizations; patient contact materials; subcontractor/supplier agreements; material and equipment purchases; employee training; maintenance and calibration of equipment; labeling; customer complaints, and cleanliness. Due to the strict standards of DAMAS, only 30 of 6700 dental laboratory in the United States have achieved the DAMAS status and we are proud to be one of them. It is noteworthy that only 20 of these laboratories are, like ROE, independent.

The DAMAS certification ensures that the laboratory environment operates in such a way as to ensure product and patient safety. It provides a formula for improved documentation of many aspects of dental lab activity from dental prescriptions to material traceability. Celebrate this achievement with us. You can be proud to inform your patients that restorations produced by ROE are made under the strictest guidelines and that your laboratory is among an elite group. We hope our efforts provide comfort and peace-of-mind to your patients. With DAMAS we emphasize our commitment to excellence every day.

LabTrac - Keep Your Cases On Track

In our continuous efforts to provide superior restorations in a timely fashion, we invested in a magnificent new software platform; one that is more robust and user-friendly, and that allows our clients enhanced communication. Our new software is called Labtrac. Internally, Labtrac manages case-fl ow based upon the tasks involved, employee skill level, and volume of case load, and even allows our customers to have assigned technicians. With this sophisticated software, we now have the ability to micro-manage every aspect of your case to ensure that you and your patient receive exactly what is expected. With Labtrac’s web-based portal, customers can track the progress of cases, receive emails when cases are received, shipped, or on hold. Doctors can request pick-ups, print Rx’s for case-shipping and records, and upload information such as images, digital impressions, and DICOM

Digital Dentures - A Quantum Leap

Avadent Digital Denture
Leading the Way For more than 5 years, Avadent has offered a digital option for dentures. Its product is very impressive, and can be reviewed on our web site. If a patient has an existing denture, and it is time for an upgrade, you simply duplicate the denture chairside, capture a reline impression
and bite and send to ROE to be digitized. In 3 days you will receive a virtual preview, and in 2-3 weeks an amazing new denture. If you are within driving distance of ROE, you can capture the records using the existing denture and ask your patient, or our currier, to deliver the case to ROE for sameday scanning! We call this our 35-minute denture! Call us for more information.

Pala Digital Denture - A New Heraeus Product

Heraeus also offers a digital denture. Its system is more ideal for patients who do not have an existing denture. With Pala, the doctor selects one of four sized Gothic Arch Tracing devices, captures an impression, adjusts the device to record the vertical dimension, then is functionally manipulated to capture centric. Pala then uses science to map tooth location based upon the arch-form and other anatomical
features. The case can be returned for try-in, if desired, prior to fi nishing.

Did you Know? Submitted by Hobe & Lucas CPA’s Inc

The state of Ohio has been stepping up its efforts to collect more revenue! Taxes based on the “honor system”, like sales tax, are lucrative targets. Did you know that buying dental products such as implants, Invisalign, and other tangible property out-of-state does not protect you from paying Ohio sales tax? If out-of-state vendors are not charging sales tax, the purhasers are responsible for paying use tax to the state of Ohio. Recently, Ohio has audited vendors such as Straumann Implants and Invisalign and determined that they are not charging sales tax properly. During the audit process Ohio auditors have extracted names of vendors’ dentist customers, and consequently audited them as well. This has been quite a gold mine for Ohio when you factor in tax plus sizable interest and penalties. 

One other thing…unclaimed funds audits are picking up in Ohio. Does your dental practice have old accounts receivable credit balances or uncashed refund checks that are over 3 years old? In many cases, these must be remitted to Ohio. 

Honesty is the best policy – if you don’t have a usetax account, you probably should; if you aren’t remitting unclaimed funds, maybe you should be. Contact Hobe & Lucas CPA’s Inc. or your tax advisor, or go to: http://www.
tax.ohio.gov/sales_and_use.aspx and http://www.com.ohio. gov/unfd/HolderFaq.aspx for more information.

TLZ-SR - Compatibility for A Great Solution

TLZ-SR is an incredibly popular restoration for restoring single and multiple unit implant cases. As we mentioned in a previous newsletter, screw-retained has made a big comeback due to the absence of intraoral cementation, the low fee ($299), and the high quality. However, not all TLZSR cases are the same! If we do not have what’s called a Ti base, the stock component attached to the crown, then we must order a stock abutment from the manufacturer and raise the fee an additional $100-$180. When completing the work authorization request that we call to discuss pricing.

Check out our compatibility and implants that require special parts and fees: http://www.roedentallab.com/product_implant_options.html 

Scan Bodies - THE Way of the Future for Implant Impressions

If you own a digital impression system, Cerec and E4D included, scan bodies are a great alternative to conventional implant impressions. Scan bodies are digital impression posts that are thumb tightened
into the implant, scanned, and uploaded. ROE uses this scan to fabricate an analog-model for the restoration-of-choice. Visit the aforementioned implant web page to view availability by implant
brand and connection.

excellent page for checking your implant support options: http://www.roedentallab.com/product_implant_options.html