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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

LabTrac - Keep Your Cases On Track

In our continuous efforts to provide superior restorations in a timely fashion, we invested in a magnificent new software platform; one that is more robust and user-friendly, and that allows our clients enhanced communication. Our new software is called Labtrac. Internally, Labtrac manages case-fl ow based upon the tasks involved, employee skill level, and volume of case load, and even allows our customers to have assigned technicians. With this sophisticated software, we now have the ability to micro-manage every aspect of your case to ensure that you and your patient receive exactly what is expected. With Labtrac’s web-based portal, customers can track the progress of cases, receive emails when cases are received, shipped, or on hold. Doctors can request pick-ups, print Rx’s for case-shipping and records, and upload information such as images, digital impressions, and DICOM

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