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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Where to Begin with Guided Surgery - Our Decision Tree

When you or your staff is questioning what to send  to ROE to begin a guided case, please visit the guided surgery page on our web site and click “Where to begin”. This click-through, interactive page breaks down the types of possible cases and the protocol to guidance in a straightforward manner.

Fully Guided Options

If fully guided from the implant manufacturer is not yet in your armamentarium, here are some great options:

Sleeve-in-sleeve is also available. This is a low-cost option that is simple to integrate. The reusable sleeves inserts are only $15 each, and are available for all implants. 

Also, for many non-fully guided systems, we can simply add a raised resin collar above the implant sleeve for your drill to ‘bottom-out’. 

We can supply our individual spoons, which are guide inserts with handles that fit into the master guide tubes.

And, are you familiar with Direct Cut drills? This single-drill option has increased in popularity. BlueSkyBio has designed a drill that creates the osteotomy site for the final twist drill. Direct Cut is intended for BlueSky implants, and when combined with a SureGuide is an efficient placement tool.

SureGuides Fully Guided Compatibility

ROE is compatible with 19 fully-guided systems:

3i Tapered Navigator
3i Parallel Navigator
Ankylos Expert Ease
Astra (Simplant only)
Astra EV (Simplant only)
Bluesky Direct Cut Protocol
Implant Direct
Materialise Universal (AKA Simplant Universal)
OCO Biomedical
Verban Drill Stops (regular 5.0, CEREC 3 sizes, etc)

Thursday, February 11, 2016

CombiGuide IP - The Digital All-On-4, 5, 6, 7 +

Coming soon to your office - CombiGuide IP 

This product fundamentally changes the full-mouth implant surgery in an immediate protocol. From conventional records, and a CT scan, ROE creates a virtual surgery intended to predictably deliver implants and teeth in one pre-planned day. CombiGuide IP is Beta and will be available soon.