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Monday, May 6, 2013

CBCT Scatter - A Thing of the Past?

A couple of years ago we introduced the No-Scan Appliance technique for CBCT implant planning. It allows doctors to simply capture a CT scan, models, and a bite, to plan a surgical guide, and to skip the radiographic scan-appliance step. A contraindication to this technique has been the presence of metal-based restorations, which cause scatter and usually necessitate a scan appliance. We recently discovered a bite material called Memosil (Heraeus Kulzer) that suppresses scatter. The material is viscous, and will require a few layers to adequately cover the entire restoration. Once applied, it allows a CT scan to be captured. As with all implant CT scans the arches must be separated with cotton rolls. This technique makes unnecessary the extra appointment and the cost of a scan appliance. 2 / 50 Milliliter Tubes $101.70 (Benco, Patterson etc)