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Friday, July 10, 2015

RAPID Appliance - All-On-4 Restorative Made Easy

NEW RAPID Appliance – At the conversion appointment, thanks to the implementation of our exclusive, complimentary RAPID appliance, we help you help your referrals simplify the final treatment – and they will love you for it!

·      No final restorative implant-level impression – RAPID reline only
·      Eliminate appointments – no custom tray, bite rim, fit jig or prosthetic setup!
·      Increased accuracy – by eliminating steps that can cause errors
·      Significant increases in profitability will have your referrals excited about referring this treatment 

RAPID Appliance (ROE Advanced Prosthetic Implant Device) is a chairside, day-of-surgery appliance that you can offer as a competitive advantage over the traditional All-On-4 techniques. RAPID transfers the conversion denture information to the articulator for future prosthetic fabrication.  This means fewer restorative appointments, less variables, less chairtime for your referrals, and it is included at no additional charge with your first two cases. The only extra charge is the duplicate temporary cylinders. Moreover, this appliance should allow the restoring dentist to provide rapid steps toward the final restoration, even for our popular zirconia Prettau Bridge!

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