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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Reasons to change to Full Contour Zirconia

Guaranteed for 10 Years

  1. Don’t need to change cement
  2. Don’t need to change preparation (chamfer, shoulder, feather ok)
  3. Don’t need to change impression technique
  4. Is more accurate because digital technology does not abrade the modelwork.
  5. Cheaper than PFM
  6. More Biocompatible than PFMs
  7. You won’t have marginal ridge breakage
  8. Nearly indestructible, clinically
  9. Kinder to the tissue because of emergence profile
  10. TLZ (our full contour Z) is 4x stronger than a PFM
  11. BruxZir is 6x stronger than a PFM (6 year guarantee)
  12. Molar TLZ Full Contour


  1. Thanks for sharing such informative article with us. Even our dentist provide Implant Restoration to the patients suffering from various dental treatment. Implant restoration by attaching natural looking, artificial teeth which are anchored in the bone below your gum line.

  2. Kitchener dentist provide you information about Features and Benefits of Full Contour with High-quality, Easy and efficient handling, Predictable restorative outcomes. Which helps individual to chew properly and with ease. Thanks for sharing some important reasons to change it to full contour.