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Thursday, March 29, 2012

All-On-4 Support

When you need support planning and restoring All-On-4 cases, trust ROE. We work with specialists and their referring dentists in Central and Northern Ohio with preplanning, provisional and final restorations, as well as chairside assistance the day of surgery. Below are the implant companies that offer specific All-On-4 type systems. We also perform this procedure using Thommen and Straumann implants.

Nobel Biocare - All-On-4

3i - Diem2

Zimmer - RevitaliZe

 Astra Tech - Uni-for-Fixed

The fee for this service is $2899. Our comprehensive service includes the provisional denture, the definitive hybrid prosthesis, custom trays, models, special soft-tissue model, articulation, standard and processed bite rim, fit verification jig, set-ups, resets, acrylic finish, one full set of premium teeth, one set of economy teeth, protective night guard, iRis titanium CAD/CAM components, final screws for the bar, analogs. Price excludes in-office technician labor, impression transfers, abutments, shipping and tax.

These fees represent maximum costs for the specified design. Actual fees may be less depending upon processes which may not be required or might be performed clinically. Individual fees will be itemized and billed at the time service is rendered. Prices are subject to change without notice.


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