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Friday, February 18, 2011

New CT Order Form

The left bar has a link for our New CT Order Form. This is a .pdf that can be completed on your computer. Complete the form with a digital signature and email it to alan@roedentallab.com. Or, print and fax it to 216-663-2233. This should be included with the impressions/models/bite as well.


  1. thank you for information ! The problem is I don't have digital signature. What is the alternative of it..if person don't have digital signature. Also let me know how does we make our signature. Quite interested in it.
    PDF signature

  2. Digital Signature is not required. You can complete your informaiton on the computer, print and fax or include with your models. In order to place a digital signuature in Adobe, use the Task tool bar and click Sign. This will allow you to create a signature box on the form.