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Monday, December 27, 2010

Gallileos CT Scan Solution - Beta

Sirona has developed a device that will make Galileos DICOM available for 3rd party softwares. During the past 5 years we've worked with Galileos owners and Sirona support trying to understand the settings needed to scan an appliance needed to plan surgical guides. The scans are visible on the Galileos monitor in the office, however when it is imported into viewers and other softwares, the images are washed out. Sirona is now testing a device that seems to work. It is a led cylinder that surrounds the appliance, and renders a clear image. We are testing the images that have been produced and will post the results.

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  1. Its good to know about ileos CT Scan Solution - Beta. As you are making this device it will be very useful .This device will make good image.I am thinking to buy this and waiting for the results that you will post after testing.Your information will really be useful and helpful.
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